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Quilting on the Road

July 9, 2013


I've talked before about sewing on the road but houw about typing?  I like to keep busy while riding in the car, so I usually have a sewing project (either applique or binding).  This time since I had patterns to write, so I thought I would try something different.


Yes, that's me in the front seat of the car on my computer!  I figured we had two days of driving .... might as well get some work done.  The only drawback was the mouse on the computer was very sensitive to bumps on the road, so there were times it felt like my computer had a mind of it's own.  I did get two full patterns written.  That was nice!

Barn Quilts Everywhere!


I started thinking about barn quilts and wondering about their history since I was seeing so many along the road as we were driving.  Barn quilts have been around in the US for almost 300 years!  About the time many immigrants were beginning their journey to the "new" world from central Europe.   Many of the German, Dutch and Austrian immigrants settling in the Pennsylvania region brought this form of art with them.  It soon spread through out New England and became a way to identify the family that lived on that farm or served as landmarks for directions.  Maybe you can call these the first road signs?  Imagine a farmer saying "Just turn left at the Nine Patch and then right and the Dutchman's Puzzle and when you see the barn with the Ohio Star, that's my place".  Funny!

Barn quilt painting began to wane in the early 20th century and was replaced with other painting on barns such as advertisements.  In recent years, there has been a revival of barn quilts.  Many counties in states have started barn quilt projects and then have created "quilt trails" where you can drive around with a map and look at all the beautiful barn quilts.


Have you thought of putting a barn quilt on your property?  Whether you live on a farm or even in town, it's a beautiful decoration.  We have a small shed in our backyard that stores our bikes, garden tools and other items.  I've put a small barn quilt on that.  You can even hang a barn quilt from a post in your yard.  You can find barn quilts from 2' x 2' up to 8' x 8' .... of course you would need a large building for the 8 foot one!

Well, all for now.  I'll probably have a new blog post when I return from my travels next week.  For now .....

Happy Quilting!

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